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Basilia Guadalupe Perez Obregón

Province of Corrientes

Basilia Guadalupe Perez Obregón

Discipline: Painting



She was born in Corrientes and graduated from the Bachelor of Communication Sciences from the San Andrés University (2014).



What I do? I observe. There is movement in the stillness of looking. To compose images is to learn, about the world, about oneself. I choose what I feel mysterious about, forms that awaken me curiosity. It is a way of ordering the world.

A flock of birds passed by the window, I remember the shadow of the plants on my balcony, the movement of the water above the canoe in the lagoon, there is movement. In the process I dedicate myself to looking in small portions, the fold of something that in the end ends up being the fold of the world itself.

I enjoy the experience of beholding. The reflection of red, the shadow of an object, a curving line. I have a file of mental images of what things look like, but usually that record only covers the surface. The gaze does not finish the object.

I do not work in series, my method is more like that of a tree that shoots seeds at random, at some point one of them ignites. When I started the animal series, I realized that I had never looked at a monkey. Painting the monkey was discovering its shape. Just now I see.