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Promoting Argentina's commercial and artistic reach at an international scale


Art Market. Tools for internationalization.

by Natalia Albanese.


What form of commercialization and sale is there for works such as installations and performances?

Each discipline has its specificity and requires an informed and curious buyer, therefore one has to offer a "unique" experience with the incorporation of this piece in a collection. It is important to contemplate a conservation and assembly plan (the latter in case the piece requires it). In the case of performance, I suggest artists get to know the Juan Gallery project (Madrid)

Some possible alternatives are to develop a marketing strategy from the sketches of the action, the script, the elements that were needed to carry it out, the record. In the case of installation works, the sketches, the models can be put for sale, and if it includes ephemeral materials, it is important to specify how the replacement should be carried out.


Could the artist fairs be the previous step to the big fairs?

Experiences where there is direct artist sales can function as first experiences to deepen knowledge about the market.

For those who want to delve into the difficulties that arise in the direct link between artists and collectors, we leave you a text by the sociologist Mariana Cerviño who refers to this problem: 

To enter the fairs is it necessary to have a gallery or are there other types of self-managed possibilities?

In order to project a professional career, and do so in a sustainable way over time, it is necessary to think of a NETWORK strategy which includes connections with agents that are part of the artistic field. Gallery owners play a fundamental role in furthering artistic careers. In many provinces of our country there are no galleries, however it is possible to think of self-managed or artists-run organizations. The role of a manager is essential, that is, a person who has the responsibility of representing, talking about the work, connecting with curators, critics and journalists; In short, to have and provide the necessary contents for the dissemination of artistic production according to the specific audience.


How can we emerging artists have contact with gallery owners, or get them to observe our work?

It is important to identify the compatibility between the gallery profile and the characteristics of each work. Adopt a proactive attitude when looking for a gallery and carry a professional dossier of your work and a statement.

On the other hand, and regardless of the artistic discipline in which each one works, the important thing is to be able to look for partners, colleagues and references that help us to circulate our work.


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