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Claudio Daniel Domínguez Arancibia

Province of San Juan

Claudio Daniel Domínguez Arancibia

Discipline: Painting



Visual Artist from San Juan, Argentina. His artistic training has largely been independent. He also expanded his experience by taking part of the Graphic Design career at the National University of San Juan. Likewise, he trained in various courses, seminars and art workshops.

His interest, in these eleven years of profession as an artist, mainly focused on drawing and painting. Works with a "realistic" trend and what is usually called "magical or fantastic realism" are those that essentially make up his creations. Portrait is one of his most explored formats. For 6 years, he has been teaching drawing, portraiture and painting in workshops and courses of private and public management.

Currently, with his 34 years of age, he incorporated the sculptural work into his usual production. Several of his sculptures have been placed in different parts of the province of San Juan. Busts of heroes, historical figures of San Juan and monuments are some of them. Works that were mostly born from working together with his wife Elizabeth Leguizamón, with whom they have a common project: Make artistic creations of personal production, as well as for companies, institutions and individuals.