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Evi Constanza Tártari

Province of Tucumán

Evi Constanza Tártari

Discipline: Photography



Evi Tártari is a visual artist, teacher and researcher in the province of Tucumán, where she was born and currently resides.



I am interested in the work that departs from the erasure of the limits crossed by the concept of visual archeology. I seek to stage different time settings while referring a common history. I am interested in photography as a tool and support of archaeological practice, which is defined by the glazes and at the same time forms new scenarios that result in images, offering an encounter between those who have lived and those who exist in the present.

A search is a journey in all cases, which implies the re-cognition of a territory for subsequent research. In the case of artistic practices, I think that walking constitutes in itself a first instance of encounter (with space and with materials). Can we change the experience of living by its shapes? Are there images that regulate the way we travel?

Every time we set ourselves from our bodies/territories to think and practice the social, the technical, the political, in what way do we approach what we understand as "the other"? Why do we look so much like what is alien to us?

My search is to find a way to capture something that I re-cognize, but which is far away. Something that is related to taking what constitutes me to release it at the same time. A place where there is a coexistence between the forms that suggest from the void or the transparency, the superimposed bodies in blurred planes, and which decides to be present before them, constituting, at that moment, a fleeting layer of history: the present.