November 10 - 6PM. Bs As
Promoting Argentina's commercial and artistic reach at an international scale


CABA, Province of Buenos Aires


Discipline: Painting



Leni studied at a national school in Córdoba. In 2010 she moved to La Plata to specialize in drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts and bring a more theoretical character to her work.



My works in general point to imaginaries of visual culture, represented with a pseudo-scientific aesthetic. There is a crossing point between old conservative aesthetics of naturalistic illustration, Darwinian views, obsessive taxonomies and contemporary existential problems. I began working with the rural imaginary of Argentine identity, to then derive in the utilitarianism of nature and didactic representation as a way of building knowledge. In 2021 I received a creation grant from the FNA, with which I am developing, on the one hand, a series on false taxidermies made with objects bought in Once and Mercado Norte, and on the other, I'm delving into oil painting with a series on wet animal markets.