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Matías De la Guerra

Province of Salta

Matías De la Guerra

Discipline: Installation



I was born in Salta 26 years ago.



My work is autobiographical and talks about obsessions that appeared during my childhood due to family situations. Movement, hair, the color yellow, icons, pop, are characteristics with which I identify myself.

I take photographs where I self-portrait immersed in these imaginary situations that appeared during my childhood, I use fashion as a tool within the family context, recreating from what I lived and live daily. The relationship of a boy growing up in a home surrounded by women, the importance of women and how essential it was to grow up with them in the Salta context is reflected in my work. Collaboration is something important since in these images my mother, my grandmother, my friends and my pop icons appear, in photo montages made with photoshop. In addition, I make objects of various materials that are related to these obsessions: hair, combs, dressing table props and glasses are part of these photographs, videos, performances and at the time of assembly they are transformed into an installation. Creating a character wearing yellow at all times and collecting objects accompanied by interaction on social networks is a key point.