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Natalia Belén Forcada

La Plata, Buenos Aires

Natalia Belén Forcada

Discipline: Multidisciplinary



Natalia Forcada is a Film Director, Graduate and Professor in Film Directing at the Universidad del Cine. She completed a Diploma in Gender Violence and Feminist Resistance at the Evita Museum. She was trained in Contemporary Art at the Node Center (Berlin) and in clinics, seminars and in a self-taught way.



My work process is psychomagic, understood as acts in the present that heal and/or transmute the past, present and future through poetic actions. I create performative objects and devices with which I generate experiences that I usually record in still and moving images, always trying to seek transmutation.

I make performative works, I consider the material and objects as a mirror, I ask deconstructive questions about my thoughts as an artist and a woman, I create participatory objects where I invite others to experience their own transmutation and where to activate the 5 senses.

I take my body and my work as an alchemical laboratory. I think of my works as a staging of conflicts, emotions and experiences about being, as a question, as a caress or a spear towards whoever experiences it.